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A stamping community to find which Death Note handsome or beauty matches you!

Hello, and welcome to desu_matchup! This is a stamping community, meant to figure out which infamous Death Note character you're meant to be with! Just fill out a simple application, and other members of the community will look it over and vote who you're meant to be with. Simple, hmm? Provided that you read the rules, you'll do just fine, and have tons of fun! =D

Rules & Regulations

1. This community is a stamping community meant for stamps of your love match, not your character match.
2. Don't post here if you don't know at least a decent amount of the Death Note anime/manga. We don't want any confusions, right?
3. No flaming. Nuff said.
4. Rate the person on how you see it. Often times there will be other people that say one thing just because they're lazy to go into detail, so be honest!
5. Load your stamp to your own server, we won't host the stamps for you!
6. Bold the name of the character you think matches the person.
7. You need an lj cut whenever you post your application.
8. As proof that you read the rules, put I Love Apples in the subject line.
9. Post your own application, not someone else.
10. Rate as much as you can, we need other people to rate in order for people to get stamped!
11. After 3 votes of the same person or 5 days, that's when you get stamped.
12. No rating people who've already been stamped, that's spam!
13. I want this certain rule to be stressed, because its a huge problem on other stampers: When voting, include at least one line on why you voted your option for that person.
15. Before getting stamped, you must post links of applications you voted in - at least 3, to be exact.
16. You can always get a re-stamp. However, you have to wait two weeks and provide links to 5 voted applications before you can post your application again.




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